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Share your Family History

Genesis is a program which runs under Microsoft Windows®, for sharing and viewing family history databases created with Legacy©, the genealogy package from Millennia Corporation.

Legacy Version 7.5 and 8 databases are supported.

Genesis uses a file-sharing system like Dropbox to distribute your database to those you invite to share. When you publish a database, Genesis places it, in compressed format, in a designated "shared folder" on your computer so that the files are automatically distributed to those who share the folder with you.

This means that you can control who has access to the database, because you invite people to share the folder and because you can set it up so that invitees cannot (or can) invite others to join.

When the members of your group install Genesis, they "point" it to the shared folder on their computers and Genesis does the rest - it "unpacks" the database and makes it accessible with little need for users to know the details of the files they received.

You can re-publish your database as it develops. Genesis automatically puts only additional and replacement material in the shared folder. When group members next launch Genesis, it checks for new material and automatically updates their databases.

Genesis also detects significant changes in a new version of the database, and provides a window in which these are listed. You can view new or changed records directly from this list, and it remains available until another new version is installed, at which time it is replaced.

Designed for Viewing

The program is designed to facilitate viewing the contents of a database rather than maintaining it and makes the wealth of information in your database readily accessible.

You can drive Genesis by simply pointing at items of information on the screen and then pressing a function key, or right-clicking and choosing an option from a pop-up menu. It makes it easy to navigate through the generations of your ancestors and to see all the available information about a person. It does not require an intimate knowledge of the way the program works and does not require repeated "drill-down" operations to get at information.

Take a Closer Look

You can read a more detailed description of Genesis or take a tour of the system. If you like what you see, you can download a copy and use it, free of change, with your database.

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